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Lucas the train huston
Want to make your child's birthday party special? All aboard the trackless train! A ride perfect for everyone from young kids to adults. Kids will love riding the trackless train as it chugs around taking them for a ride. Trackless train as the name says requires no tracks. It is a realistic version of a real train. These trains has a whistle, a bell and smoke Since this train is "trackless", it can go just about everywhere! as long as it is flat.The train can ride on cement, asphalt, grass or pavement surfaces. An ideal location would be a parking lot or a residential street.
Lucas the train $399 per the first 2 hour and $150 any additional
Bluege the train $399 per the first 2 hour and $150 any additional
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Experience Unmatched Fun with Trackless Train Rental in Houston

Are you seeking to elevate your event with a touch of whimsy and excitement? Look no further than Funny Day's trackless train rental service in Houston! Our unique offering promises unforgettable moments for all occasions.

The Convenience of Houston Trackless Train Rental

Gone are the days of cumbersome logistics and limited venue options. With Funny Day's trackless train rental, you can bring the magic of a train ride to any location in Houston, hassle-free. Whether it's a birthday party in the park, a corporate event at your office, or a festival downtown, our trackless trains can navigate various terrains and spaces with ease.

A Trackless Train is a Fun addition to any event. Our Trackless Train comes complete with 3 cars and a locomotive equipped with a bell and whistle. Capacity is 9 (150lb ave) adults or 24 children. Climb aboard The Trackless Train and experience a little adventure and fun!

Endless Entertainment for All Ages

From kids to adults, everyone loves the allure of a train ride. Our trackless trains feature captivating designs and comfortable seating, ensuring a delightful experience for passengers of all ages. Imagine the joy on children's faces as they embark on a whimsical journey through your event, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Customizable Themes for Every Occasion

At Funny Day, we understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer customizable themes to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're hosting a princess-themed birthday party, a holiday extravaganza, or a corporate branding event, our trackless trains can be adorned with decorations and signage to match your theme perfectly.

Safety First, Always

Rest assured, safety is our top priority at Funny Day. Our trackless trains are operated by experienced professionals who prioritize passenger safety at all times. We adhere to strict maintenance protocols and safety guidelines to ensure a worry-free experience for you and your guests.

Booking Made Easy

Ready to add a touch of magic to your next event? Booking Funny Day's trackless train rental service in Houston is quick and easy. Simply contact us to discuss your event details, choose your preferred theme, and leave the rest to us. Our team will handle everything from setup to teardown, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

YES, a train with no TRACKS! That's right, the Train is a TRACKLESS train.
This means our train can travel on just about any FLAT surface: grass, asphalt, gravel and concrete. 
This Train is a Fun addition to kids birthday parties, festivals and corporate events.
The Train is gas powered by a locomotive that pulls 3 comfortable passenger cars
The ride comes complete with a bell, horn and driver in appropriate costume dressed like an engineer.

This is a perfect ride for everyone from young children to adults.The Train is 30 feet long and can accommodate passengers. 
All Aboard!

"We bring the thrill of a train ride to your mega event" 

We offer multi-hour discount packages.

This is a safe and unique Ride.

You'll love our Trackless Train

Your Birthday parties will come alive with the appearance of our little friends.

Trains are great for Churches, Day Cares, Schools, Grand Openings and more...

Impress your guests with a Train

ALL ABOARD FOR A Trackless train PARTY

All aboard! Our train can be used by children and adults, and can ride on either grass or concrete, making it an ideal attraction for any carnival, fair, or other special event. Includes  train engine, 3 coaches for seating up to ? passengers, and conductor. 

Reserve the Trackless Train for that Special Day.

Take your event to new heights with Funny Day's trackless train rental service in Houston. With customizable themes, unparalleled convenience, and a commitment to safety, we're here to make your event truly unforgettable. Contact us today to book your magical journey!

This is a fun day
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Bluege houston train
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kevin the red houston train
Kevin the red train $399 per the first 2 hour and $150 any additional
Houston trackless train rental
Houston trackless train rental
Houston Trackless train rentals